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15/04 Understanding Our Definitions

Airing from January 27th on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick

To understand how we relate to ourselves and others, we must first understand our personal definitions. 

Join Jackie as she sets the stage on personal expression.  She shares the importance of understanding your foundation before you can embrace and understand your personal awakening.  Jackie encourages your interaction with the show by starting your own journal.  She gives you tasks and tools to start you on your way to self discovery and understanding.  Today’s show is all about understanding the personal definitions we place on different “trigger” words.  She gives you 7 words to focus on.  Listen in to find out what those key words are. When we expose the definitions we have with certain words or actions we begin to understand our reactions and fear in allowing our authentic selves to be seen for who we really are. Wrapped up in her own experiences she hopes to share with you insights and encouragement that will allow you to have your own personal ah ha moments.


More on Jackie and her shows go to spiritual-awakening/


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