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14/7 Mon-Wed-Frid free your mind

Airing 17th and 19th and 21st at 7 am on Free Your Mind with Tina Nies

Monday Meditations: Create your own mantra meditation to use anytime, anywhere! With a focus on your breath and positive affirmation mantras, you can easily begin a meditation practice to help free your mind.

Free Your Mind Wednesday: Free Your Mind with some wonderful Winter hibernation activities! Take advantage of the cold weather outside to go within inside.

Free Your Mind Friday: Free yourself with guest Marion Licchiello and ideas about being your own Valentine in this month of Love.

Marion is the author of “Anyone Can Live a Happier Life.”

Marion Licchiello is the Author of “ANYONE CAN! Live A Happier Life” & “To Make Up or Break Up – That is the Question”, Vision Board Coach and Self Empowerment Coach. Her expertise comes from her experiences growing up in the Bronx and changing her attitude and thoughts from negative to positive. Marion’s articles, write-ups, and other stories have been published by various websites, newspapers and magazines. 

More than twenty five years ago, after being bedridden with Lyme disease for nine months, she was told she may be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. That was unacceptable to her. She realized if she had used the power of positive and healthy thoughts, she may have been out of bed in three weeks. She took her life into her own hands, not only in this situation but through abuse, being controlled and growing up in a negative environment. Her primary belief is whatever you focus on is what you get, so why not focus on the positive?  The law of attraction guides her each and every day. She is a firm believer  that  everything happens for a reason. She also believes attitude is everything and changing one single thought can make a world of difference in your life…. And  she always believes if she can do it, Anyone Can! 

Visit her website www.AnyoneCanLiveAHappierLife

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