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14/42 What is Automatic Writing?

Aired October 21st/14 on Spiritual Awakening with Jackie Mihalchick

Jackie shares her understanding of what it means to practice automatic writing.  

She recently had a guest blogger, Dean Miller ( ) discuss his journey with automatic writing and how it has helped him in many areas of his life, on her website She wanted to continue the discussion.  

Have you ever wondered what it meant to practice “automatic writing”?  During the show she addressed the questions you may have like:

Where is the information coming from?

Can I trust the information?

Am I channelling some spirit?

How do I start? Is it hard?

I have never done anything like this, am I qualified?

Jackie shares two ways that she personally has tried.  The biggest component to automatic writing is allowing yourself to express the thoughts that are freely popping into your head, giving yourself permission to write them done. The information you write should not be judged or constricted.  If your interested… listen in and then, give it a try!!  You will be surprised at how easy it actually is.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


More on Jackie and her shows go to


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