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14/29 Personal Responsibility with Peter Comrie

Airing July 22nd to 28th on Conscious Business Conversation Pamela Lynch and her guest Peter Comrie

It is a delight to have Peter Comrie back on the show talking about a topic he has spent decades researching, observing, and being in integrity with: Personal Responsibility. It is a big deal. In fact, his company, Full Spectrum Leadership was founded on advancing the practice of personal responsibility. Peter shares with the the real meaning of Personal Responsibility, our responsibility in leadership, and gives us many answers to the question, “What is one great question that we can ask of ourselves to begin to take personal responsibility.”

Peter Comrie is the co-founder and principal coach with Full Spectrum Leadership, as well a co-founder of The Values Blueprint. Peter is The Leader’s Coach and a Human Capital Specialist. He became an industrial psychologist more 30 years ago, and has been fascinated by, and studied the human condition.  As an entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar, and specialist in human dynamics, Peter dives headlong into everything he believes in, and excels at most things he does. Passion and enthusiasm are reflected in the results.

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