0048 Angels & Astrology on World Issues.

Premiering 09-19-2013. Angels & Astrology on World Issues.

Welcome to our round table with Sara Troy  talking with Cj Martes and Dana Haynes of the cosmic plan for us all.

What do the Angels want us to know about todays topics on war, society and the changes needed to thrive in todays world.

Since childhood, CJ’s life has been rooted in spiritual awakenings and intuitive experiences. From an early age, she learned to channel her energies to promote healing and greater well-being in others. She received a spiritual re-awakening at the age of 28, and was re-energized by the clarity of her purpose: to advance mankind as a whole by working to heal the individual from suffering.

CJ immersed herself in the study of quantum physics, full body scanning, anatomy and vibrational healing. As a Certified Attunement and Full Body Scan Practitioner, she spent more than a decade helping individuals create their greatest healing potential through vibrational medicine. She also continued her research of religions, customs and cultures around the world through independent studies and extensive global travels.

. http://www.CJMartes.com/


Cj’s book Http://www.angelincarnate.com

What Astrological blue print is in place for us now and with all the global turmoil around us?

As an astrologer, I treat my client work professionally by keeping their business to myself. The clients come from a variety of backgrounds and professions across Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Nigeria, the Middle East and Germany.

I take my science seriously yet, enjoy the fun side of astrology. I have always tried to place astrology before the public so you understand how the science  is capable of forecasting for you. Astrology is about the astrologer interpreting timing and cycles in your life and in world events. Looking at astrology from a  practical angle  astrology helps you make important decisions using the best timing to move ahead in life.



Dana’s book  http://astrologyworldnews.com/the-souls-time-machine/


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