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0001 The Little radio show that started an NPO

Welcome to my new PLV RADIO NETWORK. 

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara

I am very happy to introduce you to PLV RADIO NETWORK and all the new and exciting people and ideas we have for you.

You know me from Authentic you media as Positive Living Vibrations and I am still Positive Living Vibrations but own with my own PLV RADIO NETWORK.

I am still bringing you wonderful inspiring and enlightening interviews from some of the innovators and liberators in this world; but now I am expanding to guest hosting their own shows and music and storytelling weekends.

Here is what is in store for you.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I will have a show for on interviewing inspiring liberators. You will hear then for the first time, oR maybe invited back again. Also I will be having roundtable interviews, bringing you 2-3 people at a time to share their perspectives on a given topic.

I have been so inspired with all my interviews of such courageous and directional people, that this little show started a NPO (nonprofit organization)

With such gifts of knowledge and expertise, I had have a place to serve their needs and needs of others, so the NPO will be a go with many of these people aboard by the fall of 2013.

Tune in to hear me tell you all about it and why this little show created a NPO (non nonprofit organization) 

 Sara’s guest appearance on other shows. 


Listen online now or download and playback later…



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