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“Yes Women Lift”: Laticia Jackson

The Pursuit of Wholeness  show featuring Laticia “Action”Jackson  

Laticia :Action: Jackson shares with us a unique philosophy about get fit using weight lifting as on of the methods. In her new book “Yes, Women Lift , Latcia dispels the my that women who lift weights are manly and less feminine. Tune in as she explains the benefits of lifting weights, importance of setting realistic goals, the necessity of creating a personalized training program and how her new book can help you be successful.

Laticia “Action “Jackson Fitness Olympian, Health and Fitness Expert, Speaker, Author Fitness Expert / I.F.B.B. (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness) Professional /Author Laticia “Action” Jackson has over 12 years of experience in the health and fitness field. She holds a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science (UWF), A.A. Degree in Human Performance, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialists and c Masters Degree in Public Health from American Pacific University.                                                                                             She’s the author of several books. Her latest book is “Yes Women Lift dispels the myth that women who lift weights are manly and less feminne. Her book also helps you identify your unique body type and how to create a personalized resistance training program. She is a 3-Time NPC National Fitness Champ, 2008 I.F.B.B. Fitness Olympian and top-level I.F.B.B. fitness professional. She has been featured in over 11 nationally recognized fitness publications (Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Flex, Ironman, Muscular Development) and has made multiply television appearances.

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Interview done by Lynnis Woods-Mullins


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