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P15/10a Artist, Philosopher, Leaf Whisperer, Dad, Husband, Orchardist and Educator

Positive Living Vibrations hosted by Sara Troy presents John Hood from March 10th on tune in any time.

Art, Orchids, Philosophy and The Gardening Guru what do the have in common? John Hood 

The piece here is called “The Child” and it speaks to everyone about keeping our child alive inside.

Hood Baby

John says that is a self-taught artist and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his art. Most pieces take up to 4 years to figure out how to draw, what message he wants to send and then a couple of years to draw. His preferred medium is pigment pen at .005 mm in diameter and sometimes I’ll add watercolor to it afterward.

That inner voice that talks to us keeping us on the right track. Sometimes our paths are not easy, sometimes our heads get stuck like a carrot but if we follow the wisdom of the ancients, read the signs or stars, keep the faith, follow the light our child will grow. That piece I call a Mindscape as the viewer must think what message is there.

He is working on a piece called “The Ride” It is about depression and will have a staircases or slide in the center with portraits of people through time who have suffered from depression. All of this work is done in dots.

He has two religious pieces and one, in particular, has traveled the world. The BC Anglican Bishop in Victoria has a print, and he is sending a copy to Pope Francis as a gift. To say thank you for his effort in fighting Climate change.

In Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

Garlands Applewood Smokehouse treats coming to the Maple Syrup Festival at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in an Early February and already selling at the Duncan City Farm Market.

The applewood is from the Heritage Fruit Trees at the BC Forest Discovery Centre.

Smoked cheese three types, smoked sausage and bacon plus Soon to be Available Pulled Pork!!!! The Gardening Guru is now helping Garlands Smokehouse locate biodegradable packaging !!!

John volunteers at the BC Forest Discovery Centre as an educational Orchardist for the Heritage Fruit Orchard. Through a program I took to them, he says, called adopt a tree, I arrange for Elementary School Children to visit the Orchard. Since I started that program, I have since developed another program where I go to the school as a prep talk about trees, bees, pollination and pests so that the children can have a more enhanced visit when they come.

The adopt a tree program has been set up to run for four years to start. That way as I prune the trees slowly, we can educate our future leaders about how to respect nature hands on.

I want the Orchard to become self-sufficient, so the wood trimming is ground and sent to a meat/ cheese smoking business, Garlands Smokehouse, biodegradable  containers and their product is sold at our local Farmers Market in Duncan BC. Now I am biodegradable containers to put the smoke product in so that I can help reduce the plastic in our world.

I belong to a group of concerned citizens who are trying to increase the food stocks for our local pollinators. At the BC Forest Discovery Centre, we have over 60 different species if bees, but there is not enough food.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


So in discussion with the management a Mr. Chris Gale and his staff about some of the 100 acres here may become a native plant nursery. Plus we have started to plant bee gardens around the property. Here on the island, we have a portion of the Trans Canada trail, and there has been some talk about planting it with some of the native drought-resistant plants to help feed the bees. I hear in the states that they have a huge budget for bee pollination, and they are planting parts of their highway systems for bees.

it would be nice to see our country really get into helping our bees and ourselves in the process.

At the BC Forest Centre last fall we discovered we have hops growing, so I spoke to the local brew pub Just Jakes and if I can determine which variety it is and if it fits into their need requirements, they will make a batch of beer. That would be fantastic!!!



More on your host Sara Troy and her many shows GO HERE


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