Zahra is a palliative care nurse, an end-of-life companion and a tarot-companion.

During your intuitive tarot session with her, she will gently guide you to rise above the minds clutter and attune to your subconscious mind, thus invoking the wisdom and messages illuminated by the tarot that are for your highest good

Just as life has ups and downs, dark and light, so does the tarot, there are no “undesirable” cards; the cards mirror the journey of life. Zahra will help you honor the situation at hand, and if requested, coach you on how to gently release cords and attachments that no longer serve you.
Oracle cards will conclude the reading and provide further opportunity for reflection.

Zahra hosts groups/circles and loves creating rituals to harness the potential for emotional alchemy through a creative process.
Zahra is available for birthday parties, bridal showers, and corporate /special events. The tarot and creative rituals provide an enlightening and fun element to any gathering.
Your journey is sacred, complex and unique; Zahra will treat you and what you share with utmost respect and confidentiality.

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