Akashic Healing

Akashic Healing

Akashic Records

Teza Zialcita

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I believe my near death experience when I was 2 yr old and was declared clinically dead by the doctor was the start of my awakening. I had an out of body experience and saw my body being carried by my mother. It was surreal that my consciousness has this cellular memory and recognized that my awareness is bigger than this body.

As I was growing up I have this knowing that I’m connected to the Source of all that is. I was aligned with the universal intelligence mind of creation. I felt that I can create what I want to be in this lifetime. But my teenage years became tumultuous and I blamed my Higher power and family for things that didn’t work out for my highest good.

As I went through my adult life, I was continually searching for knowledge. How to heal myself from being a sexual victim? Until I connected to the studies of Akashic Records; that is how I’ve remembered where I came from. My existence became expanded and aligned to my highest potential as a Light worker.

I became an Akashic Records healer, teacher, and writer. I believe everyone can have access to this healing method. I now serve to share these gifts of love and Light in their ascension process. We are part of the cosmic, universal and collective consciousness of human beings that are here to help others transcend this lifetime into Oneness.

Through all the summation of my experiences I became a spiritual guide. I have this gift of seeing the bigger picture of your life. I open people’s Book of Life, with the intention to bring clarity, understanding, and inner peace to what is blocking you from shining your True Light.

As a wounded healer, I can help you find resolution and claim back your power with situations that drained you. These conditions are my mastery; sexual abuse, abortion issues, grieving your child’s death, family conflicts, suicide, karmic bondages, addictions, scarcity, cancer patients, death and dying; to help release, clear, and heal those unresolved and wounded aspects of your soul.

As a soultrepreneur, I help promote other spiritual healers to be successful. My fire and passionate drive to create a tribe that serves holistic healing, created the Om Healing Community Events in Vancouver. These spiritual events serve other healers/creative artists to share their gifts in our evolution of consciousness.

I am inviting you to seat with me. Open your heart and mind. I am here to listen and fill your cup over flows with divine grace and love.


Praise for "Collective Awakening" Teza Zialcita, due to personal set backs it took me a while to get to glad I did...your book amazed me! Everything from the very fitting quotes of Hafiz and Theresa of Avila to your very own personal and emotional experiences. This is nothing short of a blueprint of how to maneuvre through ones life! Teza intermingles many advices and tools all through her book. Every one of them most valuable IF received and even more valuable if actually implemented. Everyone who’s looking for a summary of all the topics we as humans need to address on the journey...should grab this book, read it and then share the impact with us here! Thank you Teza, what a great read!!

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