Mentor and Author

Mentor and Author

Shana Lee Gibson

Hi, I’m Shana
An author, mentor, meditation teacher, speaker, and workshop facilitator dedicated to helping you unlock your true connection to the Divine where every answer you seek is found within, and available to you.

How my adventure began…
At age 14, my mother was run over by a tractor when we were at her friend's farm. It was an event I had predicted one week before it happened after hearing a voice tell me my mother would be in an accident. She survived, and she began a healing journey of recovery. Once I came face to face with the events surrounding her accident seven years later, I started listening to the visions, and dedicated myself to daily meditation and devotion. As a result I healed from kidney disease, anxiety, and low self-worth. Today, a decade and a half have passed since I began sharing insights to help clients live intuitive and connected lives, and I'm more inspired than ever to help you feel good about who you are and learn why you're here.

On any given day, you can find me with my husband and daughter wandering through Whole Foods, seeking out new vegetarian restaurants, and walking in nature with our ex-racer greyhound, Ben, and our chihuahua, Bella. One of my favourite self-care go-to's is an Amethyst and Tourmaline Biomat.

On a professional note…
Author of TLC for the Soul, Inspirational Deck (June 2020), and beloved indie deck, Empowering The Teenage Soul, Oracle Card Deck (2016).

Presenter and Creator of 100’s of events at diverse venues since 2008 including, Squamish Adventure Centre, Art Vancouver, ‘Young Documentary Filmmakers,’ Banyen Books and Sound, and The Healing Arts Studio.

Interested in learning something new about your Intuition? Watch regular teaching videos on Youtube.

As the curater of wellness days for groups of adults and young adults, I have a knack for putting together the perfect personal growth day for your group. Contact me to discuss.

You can also stop by Instagram and Pinterest and say hi!

Thanks for being here! Shana Lee 🙏

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