Mike Likey

Dr. Michael H. Likey, H.Dip. (Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from The Robert Shields College of Hypnotherapy, England also certified as a Fear Elimination Therapist, 2004) is also a triple-Doctoral graduate (with a D.D., or Doctor of Divinity and a Ph.D. in Mystical Research, as well as a PsyTh.D., Doctor of Theocentric Psychology) of the oldest and most respected University of Metaphysics in the world, Dr. Leon Masters' University of Metaphysics, located in Sedona Arizona, and the University of Sedona. He is the author of more than forty self-help/metaphysical/mystical paperback books and also e-books globally-available through Amazon. He is also Founder/CEO/Spiritual-Director of his Sunday-morning spiritual gatherings/programs. He is a Member of the International Metaphysical Ministry (U.S.A.), and The Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists. (England) Dr. Likey is Equipped to Help With: Phobias  Weight-Loss Self-Esteem/Worthiness Issues Stop Smoking Therapy Couples Therapy Pastoral Counseling Stress Management Here Are Some of Dr. Likey's Therapies/Healing Modalities for You: Prana-To relieve aches and pains. Soothing and relaxing. Reiki-Relaxing. Relieves aches and pains. Hypnotherapy-To neutralize unwanted behaviors such as smoking and over-eating. Fear Elimination Therapy (F.E.T.) Relief of phobias and fears. Meditation-Relaxing. Rejuvenating, inspiring. Theocentric Psychology-Working through traumas and difficulties in relationships. Dr. Likey also Offers Certification Courses, Workshops, and Teaches: Meditation Prana Reiki Tarot Intuition Eastern Psychology Dr. Likey is available to discuss any of the above with you. E-mail him with any Dr. Likey is a Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association, the International Metaphysical Ministry, and the Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists.

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