Lachelle Adkins

America's Super Mom

America's Super Mom

America’s SuperMom!
I am LaChelle Adkins and my typical day consist of juggling marriage, ministry, career, charity and tending to 13 of my 15 children with a smile instead of stress.

Behind this smile were a lot of tears and pain. I was hospitalized three times for depression and stress. However, I have learned so many lessons from my pain. After realizing that I had no power with the victim mindset, I decided to change to a victor mindset. I now have a life with purpose, healthy boundaries, a daily routine, and time with regular self care.

I am passionate about sharing my experiences to help empower women through coaching to overcome life’s obstacles and live a fulfilled life. If you are struggling with life balance, stress, self confidence, depression, motivation it is possible to fix these areas and wake up daily with a smile.
Not sure if you are stressed or overwhelmed then take this assessment to see where you are.
If you desire to create an ideal life with minimum stress and the ability to accomplish your goals then schedule a call so that we can create your own “super power” strategy for success. Change comes with making a mindset change. Begin today with the first step which is investing in making yourself a priority.

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