Joy Adele Hemphill

Resonate With Joy

Resonate With Joy

Accessing her own Mastery and Higher Levels and working side-by-side with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Emissaries of Light, Joy brings through the perfect crystalline frequencies required to transform your worries and concerns and whatever is holding you back. She assists with Activations, Amplifications and Initiations, facilitating powerful life-altering changes at a Vibrational Level empowering you to move forward in life.
With intuitive insights and energetic shifts Joy assists Optimal Health & Wellness on ALL Levels – Physical/Mental/Emotional Well-Being, Finances, Relationships, Spiritual Awakening and so much more! Clairvoyant and Clairsentient she is able to see, sense and feel what is happening multi-dimensionally and creates the vibrational foundation to dissolve your conflicts and build your life anew. Joy connects with Divine crystalline creation energies transmitting pure frequencies of sound
and light through her hands and voice. At times, rapid words of ‘Light Language’ and various forms of sound and tone come through allowing the opportunity to:
~ Rapidly Clear Energetic Blockages
~ Rebuild & Regenerate the Body
~ Collapse Mental & Emotional Debris
~ Rewire Neural Pathways in the Brain
~ Activate DNA Codes & Spiritual Gifts
~ Experience New Levels of Expansion She is able to pinpoint the origin of energetic blockages in the physical body, chakras energy field,
as well as share information about past life experiences and the resulting patterns holding you back from expressing in your highest light. Joy works with ‘The SA Energies of New Creation’ … the catalytic force which takes one from the Spiritual to the Divine. They are the purest of crystalline energies currently available on the planet. They work in conjunction with the Metatronic sacred geometric templates which bring light and sound into form. Whether in person, by phone, remotely, Mp3’s or teleconferences, Joy’s passion, integrity and compassion highlight your experience.
My Journey I always knew I was a Humanitarian at heart. A project in high school volunteering at a preschool for ‘mentally handicapped’ children led to over 30 years assisting people with special needs. I spent 23 of those years as a Behavioural Therapist and Consultant in Autism. During this career I supported children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum, their parents, siblings, teachers, as well as daycare and community support staff. My conscious spiritual awakening began in earnest around the millennium, as the new energies on the planet began to increase in intensity. I was drawn to see a local energy practitioner ‘Adam – Dreamhealer’. I experienced a dramatic level of energetic clearing from my physical body. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher and knew I was ‘home’. I had found how I was meant to assist having connected with the Divine energies for the first time in a tangible way. Soon, after practicing different breathing techniques, I began to spontaneously connect with my Higher Levels and Beings of Light via direct informational download. I left my career in early 2005 and continued to study, explore and practice many energetic and healing modalities:
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Past Life Regression Hypnosis
Energy & Vibrational Medicine
~ The Black Pearl
~ Atlantis Healing Technique
Egyptian Numerology
Pranic Healing
~ Basic, Advanced, Psychotherapy, Crystal
~ 2 years volunteering at 2 Vancouver Clinics
TOSA – The Center for Enlightened Living (New Mexico)
Certified Quantum Clairvoyant Reader
Certified Quantum AVESA Healer
Navigating the Inner Matrix – The Violet Ray
The Golden Ray
The Mystical Gateway – The Crystalline Ray
Jo Dunning – Quantum Energetic Disciplines
Quantum Energetic Disciplines Practitioner
The Quick Pulse Technique
My path has included healings, activations and initiations with many extraordinary people including:
William Linville
Jo Dunning
Sri Ram Kaa Kira Raa
Judy Satori
Victoria of Light
Sharon Forrest
Adam – Dreamhealer
My passion lies in being a facilitator, guide and pristine conduit of crystalline creation energies in order to support your life, your path and your purpose. Blessings,
Resonate With Joy

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