Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta
Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta was co-leader of the recent journey to Mexico, Quetzal and Condor Reunite, October 2017.

Jhaimy is a respected Andean wisdom keeper & spiritual guide. He is a Traditional Curandero (Helaer) from Cusco, Peru who has been trained and initiated in the wisdom teachings of the Northern region of Peru, home to the ancient lineage of the Sacred Plant medicine known as Wachuma or San Pedro. Jhaimy began his initiation onto this path at a young age and has apprenticed with Master Teachers in the Alchemical mystery teachings of transformation and transmutation.

As a keeper of Ancient Wisdom, Jhaimy has been invited to share his knowledge and lead ceremonies at conferences, workshops and spiritual tours throughout Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil and most recently in Spain and Sweden. He also holds a degree in Tourism from La Universidad Andina del Cusco and has presented lectures and public talks at Trent University as an invited guest of the Indigenous Studies Department.

He is a regular featured guest speaker in events across Canada and Europe as part of the Andean Wisdom Teachings series through Children of the Seven Rays and is best known for his heart-centered and humble approach to healing and spirituality. Today, Jhaimy continues to be committed to the service of love and through ceremony, ritual and healing practices he supports people in moving past their limitations in order to liberate and connect with their heart and their purpose.

Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta has led journeys to Peru for Sacred Earth Journeys. If you are interested in creating a custom tour with Jhaimy, please contact us for a quote!

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