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Jahanara J. McKenzie

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Choose YOU
It took me 3 long years to finally come to terms that I needed a drastic change in my life, and to actually take those deliberate steps forward. Working long hours as a financial controller, working weekends, and the two hour drive each day...not to mention that I barely saw my family, didn’t spend much time with my fiance (and then husband), had severe insomnia AND I couldn’t get pregnant.
Life is different now because I took action, I CHOSE ME over my job, visualized what I wanted to achieve and stepped out of my comfort zone.
My name is Jahan Ara Mackenzie and today, I am a proud mother to Jacob, my wonderful one year old son whom I see and raise hands on everyday while also being financially productive and able to contribute to my household. I did this by learning how to become a Digital Freelance Marketer.
My goal here is to help you realize that it is OK to choose yourself. Stepping away from your daily grind and taking charge of your life takes courage. It is hard and scary to say no to the traditional way of doing things. I started to questions things... there had to be more to life than slaving away long hours for someone else, having a set and limited time frame for vacation and trying to save for retirement, if you had the means to actually save for it after paying for your daily necessities.
I made the decision that I wanted to work for myself; that I hated commuting; that I wanted to have the ability to work from wherever and whenever I wanted. That my body and mind did not deserve to be in a constant overdrive. That it should be a LIFE/work balance (I personally call it a peace-of-mind lifestyle) and not the other way round.
I am also here to tell you that it is OK to have a career change. I did not come from a marketing background but today I can say that I feel so in my own skin and you can get there too!
It’s all about personal growth, who you associate yourself with and the community you have behind you to celebrate your successes and guide you through your losses.
If you have reached that stage of wanting to choose yourself, send me a message and I will be your support and guide. I will show you the exact steps I took to become who I am today and I will be there with you on your journey for as long as you want me there.
Everyone deserves to choose themselves. It it your duty to be happy.
Much love,

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