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John Theobald

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Do you suffer from seemingly inexplicable chronic and “incurable” ailments ?
Have you received a serious medical diagnosis such as cancer or a heart condition ?
There are other options – you have choices
GNM Wellness Solutions
Consulting; Coaching
with John Theobald BSc
Based on the medical research of
Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer MD
Learn how to avoid potentially
dangerous and costly
medical procedures
This service is based on the paradigm shifting medical research of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer MD. His work establishes a clear link between emotional trauma and cancer, heart disease, skin and muscle disorders, psychological disorders, chronic disease, and more. Dr Hamer describes the complete course of a “disease” in detail from the point of emotional conflict to final healing. He documents the emotional, psychological and physical symptoms as they run their course. This understanding makes it possible to deal with it more effectively and holistically, minimizing it’s effects on us, and minimizing any necessary medical intervention. This is the basis for a strategy of real healing and real prevention. This Knowledge is Your Power !
Once one understands the connection between emotional trauma and disease, fear dissipates and resolution becomes possible. Our goal and our purpose is to identify the emotional conflict and to explain any associated physical, emotional and psychological symptoms past, present and future. With this information you will be in a better position to seek out the best alternatives and options to support the healing process and reject procedures that are of questionable value. A feeling of empowerment and confidence will come to you. In many cases it’s important to understand that a combination of physical and emotional treatment may be necessary. GNM addresses many serious and / or chronic health conditions – such as cancer, heart disease, Crohn’s, fibromyalgea or Lupus as well as skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema), unexpected / unexplainable weight gain, and more. Regardless of the level of support that you choose, these are the points we will cover;
– your concerns
– your feelings about your symptoms
– your medical diagnosis, prognosis and proposed course of treatment
– your alternatives
– questions to ask your doctor
– record the meeting
“I want to think about it”
– what to do if you do not feel fully informed
– what to do if you feel bullied or intimidated by your doctor
– your have rights
– what to do if your not happy.
– how to complain.
If necessary you may be referred to an appropriate wellness professional to deal with specific issues and needs as required.

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