Our posture, spinal alignment, and tension patterns all reflect our emotional reactions to our perceived world. Are you experiencing pain right now?Do you feel blocked from living the life you really want?What is your body telling you about these road blocks? In order to fix something we must first be able to find it. Under NSA chiropractic care, you become aware of spinal tension patterns, vertebral motion and respiration, and even energetic motion through the body. Beyond just awareness, you'll be able to self-regulate spinal tension and alignment. We'll be here every step of the way to develop these points of access, so that you may discover these insights for yourself and share them with us and the NSA/SRI community. We welcome and value your participation and open heart. About Dr. Jay Lepp Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Queen's University Years of practice: since 1989 NSA Certification - Level 3
My commitment to youLet me assist you in achieving resourcefulness. You may want to apply this for a new standard of excellence in health or to  move toward more fully expressing your purposes and potentials in life, and to lovingly share your gifts – the truth of who you are, at the highest possible level. My passion is to help you to create clarity and acquire new strategies to make this happen.

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