Reiki and Beyond

Reiki and Beyond

Glenda-Ray Riviere

Glenda-Ray Riviere taught young children for 33 years. Her mission was to help children realize their unique gifts & talents,raise their self esteem & share their uniqueness with others.The children mirrored and empowered Glenda to realize and remember her unique gifts too.

Through a powerful life-changing near "death" experience as a young adult,Glenda commanded to be shown another way to heal & empower her life. Through the exploration of various alternative modes of healing,Glenda-Ray found her voice, healed trauma from early childhood of not being seen, heard and not speaking her truth.

The wisdom gleaned from Glenda’s hero’s journey has catalyzed and ignited the courageous lion heart within as she now passionately shares her wisdom/ gifts/talents in Service.

Glenda is a Life Coach, Intuitive Medium & Author.
Glenda has written and published a book entitled "Transformative Meditation”-
A Guide of Multidimensional Healing Journeys to Transform & Empower All Aspects of Your Life.Glenda has also written several Sacred Stories onTransformational Change.

At the 888 Lion’s Gate Portal Event, on August 9, 2020, Glenda-Ray is offering Intuitive Messages for your life/path and Transformational Journeys.
Glenda-Ray is also showcasing her unique paintings imprinted on T-shirts and tote bags available for purchase.


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