Georgina Grace

Georgina is a third generation intuitive who has been connecting with Spirit
since the age of 3.  She uses all of her abilities as a clairvoyant, clairsentient
and clairaudient to deliver positive messages from Spirit.  Being well-versed
in various extrasensory modalities has allowed her to tap into messages
easily.  If you ask her to use her favourite modality, she will pull Oracle cards
for you! She proudly holds the certification of Angel Card Reader by Doreen
Being a part of someone's healing journey is a privilege for Georgina and she
feels blessed to have participated in fairs, radio shows, festivals, stage shows,
spirit investigations, private and group readings. Since life is all about self-
discovery, awareness and personal growth, her curiosity for learning is never
ending. This enthusiasm spills over into the spiritual enrichment classes she
leads in such as oracle card reading, crystal ball, and psychometry.   
Georgina is creative, spiritual and loves animals. Anyone that knows her is
aware of her many unique talents and she graciously shares them with others.
Lifting people’s spirits and seeing them happy gives her the upmost pleasure.
Friends describe her as caring, loving and selfless, and are attracted to her
amazing energy and sense of humour. She has been described as caring, loving
and selfless.

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