Lightstream Technologies

Lightstream Technologies

David Sereda

I am David Sereda.    For over 40 Years, I have studied World Religions, Spiritual Practices, Meditation, Breath Techniques, The search for the Perfect Word of God Vibrations, Body Techniques, Healing Techniques, and Most Important of All I have developed the World's Largest Frequency Library and Most Advanced Transmitters of these Frequencies on Earth for you to Benefit from!
The David Sereda Lightstream Technologies journey started in Sedona, Arizona in 2007 with Fred Shute and Chris Paul as Jewelers who hand craft the Lightstream Pendants, Wands, Staffs and helped David Develop his designs for new Technologies! At the time David lived in Sedona with his wife Crystal and their first daughter Alyra until 2014 when they moved to Nelson, BC. Canada!

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