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Cindy Knutson



Spiritual & Holistic Healer at Serenity's Enlightenment.

Certified Akashic Record Consultant (Aka: Your Soul's "Book Of Life", and the "Hall/Library of Records").
Certified Master and Teacher Tera Mai Reiki.
Certified Master and Teacher Tera Mai Seichem.
Certified Violet Flame Healer and Initiator.
Certified Egyptian Cartouche Energetic Healer and Initiator.into the 25 Egyptian Cartouche Energies.
Certified Doreen Virtue with Angel Therapy Practitioner, Past Life Therapy, and Mediumship.
Certified with both Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine in Advanced Angel Oracle and Tarot.
Certified as well in Matrix Energetics Level 3, Astral Travel and Heart Resonance Therapy Practitioner.


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