Lemurian Priest

Christopher Diggins

Christopher Diggins has been a Transpersonal Psychotherapist since 1984, specializing in both couples counseling and helping clients recover from severe childhood trauma. Healing trauma involves both therapist and client connecting with their hearts and experiencing the heart connection.

Christopher has always been fascinated with angelic realms, galactic beings, and meditation. He was recently divinely guided to “get the word out about Ascension,” hence creating a new radio program. What an incredibly effective way to get the word out! For 40 years he has been connecting in various ways with the higher realms and now it is time for him to inspire others to navigate this path.

​If you're interested in Christopher's psychotherapy practice, visit:

You Tube videos, Blissful Earth :Pleiadian Promise, Coming Home to your Galactic Community….Is not meant to and it cannot replace this sacred text by Christine Day. My intention is to inspire you to purchase the book and do the meditations so that you can experience…The Pleiadians, their love and dedication to us, to you….. whereby you will experience the tools and technology they offer to us allowing you to connect with your Pleiadian family, your higher self, and Creator.

On August 21, 2017 during the solar eclipse Christopher was directed to change his name to Bliss Sunnara. After that event he was a different person, more confident, more intuitive, more connected to Gaia, more connected to the Galactic community, and definitely had a higher vibration able to connect with his multidimensional self.

​Now it is time for Bliss, who is now known to be a Lemurian Priest, to bring the Lemurian way of life to Blissful Earth Sanctuary and to the New Earth

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