Chandler Armstrong

5 Generations of Tradition!

Chandler's training in astrology began at a very early age through his Grand Father, a well known European Astrologer from Scotland, a Theosophist, and a member of two western tradition mystery schools. Years of early training, as well as a passion for learning, an interest in several other metaphysical studies, eastern and western spiritual traditions - instilled a great depth to his work, and the wisdom shared in his consultations. His early career in astrology started when he was only 17 years of age, making him one of the youngest in his profession to achieve renown as a Master Astrologer. His proficiency in astrology come for the thousands of Astrological Sessions he has provided to people from virtually all walks of life. Now with over 30 years of experience, he continues to be a much sought-after consultant, adviser, and teacher.

In his work as an astrologer, he employs several techniques, as well as insight for several different branches of traditional astrology including.

Electional Astrology
Horary Astrology
Composite Charts,
Heliocentric Astrology
Arabic Astrology,
Predictive Astrology
and much more.

Specializing in the Ancient Art of Divinatory Astrology!

Chandler is also very adept at a very specialized and ancient form of Divinatory Astrology called Horary Astrology, which is the Judgement of the Astrological Chart for very specific answers based on proprietary techniques passed on through his heritage and used by his family in the service of European royalty and nobility. This provided very concise answers (Yes, No, and often Why), to your questions. This specialty is most often used in the final Question and Answer portion of sessions (usually at the end of the sessions).

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