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Carol Boston Coaching

Carol Boston Coaching

I am known as the Queen of Reframe, for I can reframe almost any challenge and give you a new way of viewing it and a strategic plan to take you in a new direction. I help women business owners to know their value, own their power and advocate for themselves, so they can rise up and become the Lioness Leaders they were created to be! My clients describe me as "relentless" in making sure they get amazing results and many of them double or triple their income!

I am an ex-collegiate & professional tennis player, an award-winning sales leader at Fortune 100 companies, with over 27 years of sales leadership experience, and an Award-winning speaker. who turned my love of problem solving, helping, and inspiring others into a growing and respected business as a Business Leadership Coach and Change Agent. As a professional speaker, I have spoken to many organizations such as Keiser University, Nova SE University and have been hired multiple times to speak and teach at American Express.

I have clients who have doubled their annual income in six months; grown their business 42% in 4 months; increased their net worth by $425K; and tripled their income 5 months in a row!

I have been involved in leadership and trailblazing my entire life: from being the first & only female President of the Student Council at my Junior High School to earning a collegiate tennis scholarship to successfully graduating from Ultimate Leadership Camp (a nationally recognized program).

​​Today, I work with established women business owners (and a few good men! 😊). I know that your business can only grow as much as you are willing to grow. My clients have radical increases in confidence, they eliminate self-doubt, make better business decisions (not emotional ones) and become much more effective communicators. All this allows them to reap great rewards both professionally and personally.
Business Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker, and Trainer​​
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I am passionate about helping you step up and play big in the world! I help you throw an anchor into your future, so you can let go of the story that is holding you in the past. I hold the vision for you of who you were truly created to be and I am an ever-constant guiding hand to help you get there.

Isn’t it time you up leveled your female powered business so that your income matches your value?

Are you ready to become ALL you were truly created to be? ​

​There has never been a time such as this! If you are ready to have someone who has gone before you to help you successfully Navigate Your Course in the Winds of Change, get on my calendar and let’s talk about how to do that.

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