Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker

Brock Tully

BROCK TULLY…from the heart

How often does a story truly touch your heart? Make you laugh? Provoke tears?

Brock Tully, B.Ed, internationally known speaker and author of 9 books, offers a special gift. His heart-warming, thought-provoking, multi-media presentation will leave your audience laughing, thinking and caring more!

It includes powerful insights and engaging human interest stories gained through three epic bicycle journeys throughout Canada, U.S., and Mexico that covered close to 50,000 km, with excerpts from his “Reflections” book series (over 140,000 copies sold). It includes slides and video clips from his internationally publicized Cycling for Kindness Tour (launched to prevent bullying at school, harassment in the workplace, domestic violence, abuse of our environment and animals, and self-destructive behavior), as well as music from his “Touching Hearts” CD.

See Brock’s page at the Keynote Speakers Canada website.

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