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How did I get into running a full time conscious business?
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I had a massive breakdown, one that you may totally relate to.

This breakdown happened at the quarter-life crisis age of 25.

I was living the life working at an architectural firm, with great relationships and a great life, or so I thought. Everything on the outside looked like I had it together, but everything on the inside was falling apart.

I was going through a severe anxiety disorder and depression, which many didn’t know about.

My life had came to a halt when my anxiety attacks got to the point where I needed to take a sick leave from work. I was burnt out and exhausted from the need to make everything ‘perfect’ externally. I was sick and tired of being a people pleaser... I felt lost, alone and depleted.

There was a point where I was wondering if it was time for me to leave or stay on this planet.

I had to make a choice and intrinsically I knew that if I chose to leave this planet it would be a disservice because I knew deep down inside that I was out here to fulfill an important mission.

The truth is everyone has a mission on this planet to evolve their Soul's evolution and growth.

I made a choice to say yes to life and stopped rejecting my truth deep down inside.

When I said yes and chose life, literally the next day the answers came to me. I was guided to have an Akashic Record healing from an email that I received at work, mind you I had no idea what the heck Akashic Records was and had no concept of energy healing, but I followed my intuition.

By trusting my inner compass that Akashic Record session changed my life and did a 180 degree shift, revealing to me the illusions of fear I was holding and how it was showing up in my life.

Prior to this I’d go to psychics hoping for them to tell me if I was ever going be happy not realizing that I had to make a shift within myself to make miracles happen.

I was confused with the concept of Destiny... I thought it was something that just happened to you.

If you wake up in the morning and it’s cloudy outside, and you say to yourself “It’s going to be a shitty day”, then my friend you are destined for a shitty day because you gave energy to that intention.

The power of your intentions creates your destiny.

Are you ready to step into your power and lead the path to your destiny?

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