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How to Reverse Diabetes

How to Reverse Diabetes

What is the Law of Resonance?

For years I've struggled with manifesting what I really wanted and would come to a place where it would be within my grasp & then...poof, everything would fall through.

This is called glimpsing. Have you ever been there? It wasn't until I understood about the law of resonance that everything started to fall into place.

The Universe is calling us to be absolutely clear on what we want to experience, yet we are still subtly experiencing what we don't want. Why?

One of the reasons I believe that happens, is that we've had the misconception that the universe will give us what we want, and although that is the starting point to manifest anything, the universe really gives us what are resonating.

The law of resonance tells us that it's when we are in alignment or vibrating at a frequency that's as close as to the thing that we desire, & become a match to it, that we manifest it. So how do we apply this law into our life?

We know that absolutely everything is energy, however different things vibrate at different frequencies. For example, when we feel good, excited, enthused, happy, grateful, we vibrate at a high frequency.

When we feel tired, fearful, overwhelmed, lethargic, guilty, then we are resonating at a low frequency. When we resonate at the same frequency as our desires, we become a match to those things that we want & they find each other.

Dr. David Hawkins in his book "The Map of Consciousness” used Kinesiology to classify these different emotions and gave them a number from 0 - 1000. We can now use this tool to find out our own set point, & can start to raise that frequency to a higher level.

So, if you desire love, peace, gratitude, freedom- these all vibrate at a high frequency. If, however you are vibrating at the energy of apathy, shame, guilt, frustration, envy, then there is a huge gap between where you are and what you want or desire.

When you are resonating at these low frequencies, you will attract things that are of a lower frequency. Here's where you get to choose, either to stay at those low frequencies or to raise it.

Often, we don't know how to transmute those low frequencies. I love the word transmute, because I've heard how alchemists, decades ago would transmute lead into gold. Isn't that exciting?

In our case, we want to transmute our lower emotions to a higher frequency. Remember that we are vibrational beings, so when we
are vibrating at a higher frequency, we open the door to everything that vibrates at that same frequency, like love, peace, abundance, health & wellbeing.

That means that when we resonate at the same frequency as the things that we want at a soul level, we will automatically attract them to us, without constantly struggling, working hard & the pushing that we do to try and make things happen. It's draining & stressful.

Your priority in life is to raise your frequency, to resonate with those things that you want at a soul level. It’s actually to become who you are at your essence. We are light, love, joy, abundance, prosperity, peace. Our soul is trying to remind us of that, all the time, because we seem to forget that this is who we are at our core.

What is your emotional set point? Do you know how to raise your frequency?

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