My Seven Chakras

My Seven Chakras

Aditiya Jaykumar Iyer

About Me (and You!)
Are you looking for ideas, tools, techniques and tips that will help you calm your emotions, reduce internal mental chatter, align your energies and authentically live your life’s purpose?..

This is me :)Then YOU, my friend, are in the right place!

I’ve not met you, but here’s my random guess:

Maybe you’re a regular listener of our show?

Maybe someone told you, “Hey, you gotta check out My Seven Chakras!”

Maybe you just searched for something on Google and you stumbled upon my podcast?..

Whatever the case might be, I’m here to support you…

My name is Aditya Jaykumar. I’m also known as AJ 🙂

I’m the host and founder of our podcast called My Seven Chakras.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada).

Till date, we’ve received close to 3 million downloads and completed over 320 episodes and attracted listeners from over 150 countries..

I’m a trained energy healer and Kriya yogi..

And I am fascinated by the ancient life system of the Chakras and how they can help us heal, align and manifest our greatest selves!

But what I’m most interested in is YOU…

That’s right You 🙂

Here’s how I can support you at the moment:

Looking for podcasts to listen to? Just click the podcasts tab and you’ll find all of them posted in here.
Do you want to reach out for sponsorships, collaborations or general inquiries? Shoot me a quick email at aj [at]
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Regular listener? Leave us an iTunes review. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when I read out your kinda review to our global audience! Here’s the link you need:
So take a look around…

Touch, see and feel 🙂

And don’t forget to say ‘Hi’!

Email: aj [at] mysevenchakras

I’m easy like that.


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