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YH18-28 Deb’s Prescribed Drug and Opioid Addiction Story

“Your Health is Your Choice” with Sara Troy and her guest Deb Morgan, on air from July 3rd

My Opioid abuse started after I had a surgery that kept me on Pain pills for over a month. I had no idea that was going to be an issue nor had I abused them at the time.

This is part of my story and the relevance of what is happening today with the drug and Opioid crisis we are facing in the US and Other Countries.

After the Doctor took me off of them I realized I felt shaky and irritable and then somewhere In my mind I decided I needed more for whatever reason so I ended up going in with a complaint and had the doctor give me another surgery not as severe but it put me back on opioids. Again I thought I need these for this or that not realizing that my brain was telling my body what it wanted. so a little time went by I started Doctor Shopping and getting some prescriptions that way and then It downhill quickly. I started stealing the doctors prescription pads this was in 1990. I started writing and passing my own prescriptions and got to the point where I lead a double life one was being a middle class working mom with 2 children and a good job to also being a functioning addict so I thought.

I began needing more and more and I ended up taking 100 Percocet per week and my life was doing all the regular everyday things while making sure I always had over 100 Percocet to get me by and to get the money to hide this from my husband I would not eat lunch and steal clothing or whatever and take it back to the store for a return that very day. I finally must have wanted to get caught because I passed a prescription and as the story goes much longer than this I ended up facing an officer who helped me and people that I can not possibly thank including myself., but the arrest needs to be talked about and how this happened and how very angry I was and how my life changed so much as I started to find out why and finally get help before I hit bottom which for me would have been death.





Deb’s Non-Fiction Book due out by the end of 2018 the title of the book is Trapped.

Deb is a Writer/Blogger. “I live in Oregon, close to the Ocean which gives me strength and inspiration. I have a blended family with my Husband of 21 years which I met at an AA meeting, so I am the grandmother of 14 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. I am a writer and advocate of Drug addiction and abuse and Mental Health and Fibromyalgia, all of which I personally have suffered and have myself. I am also an advocate of People in each of these categories and Children in Crisis. I also take classes online of all kinds from spiritual meditation to Learning more about my craft in writing and social media.”

I review books for authors in my spare time and enjoy all of it very much



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