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YH 20-03 Flat Gut After 50 with Doug Setter.

Sara Troy interviews Doug Setter on Your health is your choice, on air from January 14th

Flat Gut After 50 is for people passed the middle age.  Unlike people in their 20’s or early 30’s we:

  1. Do not recover from exercise as quickly as we used to. Our bodies do not respond the same way.

  2. Most of our bodies have been injured, strained, neglected or over-worked.

  3. Do not live at the Mom and Pop hotel where meals, maid service and undisturbed sleep is the norm.

  4. Do not have lots of free time.

  5. Are tired of being told to do more cardio and eat less.



What Flat Gut After 50 does teach are the five pillars of a strong flat midsection:

  1. Posture. Whether it is a chair, a ladder, a bridge or the human body, a properly aligned structure will stand strong. Mountains of sit ups can actually warp a posture.

  2. Breathing. This is a no-brainer. But, the average person uses only a fraction of their lung capacity. Stale air does not get out and fresh oxygen does not get in. Power breathing will increase person’s power, stamina and even resistance to the cold. I have used it prior to Polar Bear Swimming and found a profound difference.

  3. Exercise sequence. The right technique and sequence will save time, minimize injuries and produce faster results than machines or hit and miss methods.

  4. Diet. Yes, the four-letter word is meant for energy and health, not weight-loss. Metabolism and Anabolism is the key.

  5. Mental programming. We need to reprogram our habits so that we can exercise, eat and rest on auto-pilot.


2nd Book; Reduce Your Alcohol Craving Alcohol craving is not about weak wills and immoral behavior. While there are traumatic experiences and underlying psychological problems that lead to addictions, much of alcohol craving is PHYSICAL. Even AA founder, William Wilson advocated the nutrition side of recovery. (But, was ignored by the group-therapy groups and counselors.) Based on the research of Dr. Joan Mathews-Larson, there are six basic alcohol bio-chemistries:

  1. Normal drinker, non-alcoholic

  2. Alcohol-intolerant, non-alcoholic

  3. Hypoglycemic non-alcoholic

  4. THIQ/ADH alcoholic

  5. Allergic alcoholic

  6. Linoleic (Omega 6) acid deficiency alcoholic

There are also factors like environment, light/darkness, anorexia, candida yeast, thyroid and vitamin deficiency.


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