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WOH 18-05 Creating Space℠ with Denise Povernick

Whispers of the Heart with Denise Povernick, ON AIR FROM January 30TH


My Empowerment Mentoring & Coaching is unique.  I help you/your business transform holistically through the Personal Trinity of MIND – BODY – SPIRIT.  All three aspects of the person must be in harmony. I am the Empowerment Coach you seek out when you are ready for big change.  Our sessions together have a bring together in harmony your Personal Trinity while tapping into your Infinity.  You are limitless, you will know this working with me and it will become your personal experience.

I create

CREATING SPACE℠  first taps into your intuitive side and then we add in the logic if needed.  Your old system of using logic first has taken you as far as you could go.  This is why you are seeking different solutions.  My coaching/mentoring is that solution.  If what you had been taught or known before worked, you would not be reading this now.


I will be discussing my signature program, Creating Space℠.  This episode is Part 1.

For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HERE


Creating Space℠ Empowerment Program:  


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