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WJ18-35 May McCarthy Seven Steps to Gratitude.

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest May McCarthy. On air from August 28th

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series this season is all about “Living Your Life Like It’s Golden”.   As Grammy award winning Jill Scott said in her very popular song, Golden, “Wherever I choose to go, it will take me far.”

The Wellness Journey will take you anywhere you want to go. From a healthier mind to a stronger body, or a powerful spirit, to a more beneficial path in life.  There are so many options and opportunities to take advantage of when joining Lynnis Woods-Mullins on The Wellness Journey.  There is a variation of guests in different areas of expertise that will talk about topics such as soul healing, colour therapy, gratitude and many more positive life-changing tools, tips and techniques on how to live a life that is golden.

Gold is usually associated with a materialistic value, but on The Wellness Journey, gold’s value is deeper than that.  Living a Golden Life symbolizes success, sophistication, and value. The Wellness Journey will help move you towards living successfully in a sophisticated and thriving way that will benefit your mind, body and spirit.

On today’s show, May McCarthy speaks about her gratitude formula, and the seven steps to take in order to live a more grateful life. Repetition and recognition are key tools to have when taking this step of the wellness journey. Communication, writing letters, acknowledgement and the need to live a well life are just a few moments within this show to absorb what is necessary to make your mind, body and soul solid gold.





Our guest is a profound author, May McCarthy. Since 1982, May McCarthy has co-founded and grown six profitable companies, including four multimillion-dollar technology companies. She’s also worked for Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson and Boeing. McCarthy is an angel investor, advisor to dozens of small and medium-sized companies, and is on the boards of business, philanthropic, arts, and education organizations, including the Innovation Entrepreneurship Center at Seattle University. She is a guest university lecturer and professional speaker who shares spiritual success principles with audiences of universities, associations, spiritual organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. McCarthy travels the world on purpose: to elevate prosperity and freedom for all.

McCarthy’s work has been published in Fast CompanyINCThe CEO Magazine, and many other publications. She has appeared on dozens of local, national, and international radio and television programs. She is the author of the best-selling book The Path to Wealth (2015), and most recently, The Gratitude Formula,(March 13, 2018) through Hierophant Publishing.


Facebook – maymccarthyauthor

Twitter – maymcc


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