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WJ 19-04 Life Coaches Share How To Have A Breakthrough Year

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series presents ‘Spice of Life: A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Renewing her Essence’ with Lynnis Woods Mullins and guestAdrian Chofor and Anita Ross , on air from January 22nd

Today’s show features two separate guests: Part One features life coach, Adrian Chofor.

 Adrian Chofor is a childhood abuse and teenage homelessness survivor that through faith and resiliency was able to learn the power of forgiveness and self-worth to travel all over the globe, live abroad for many years and live a successful life as a #1 International Bestselling Author, award-winning International Public Speaker, and Personal Transformational Strategist helping women all over the globe FIND their VOICE, STEP into their POWER, and LIVE with PURPOSE!  She believes that we all have a story and a voice, we should SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT because sharing cannot help someone that desperately needs it, but accelerate our own healing or empower us when needed. Adrian is CONVINCED there is GREATNESS within all of us, we just have to tap into it! She is compelled to help the disheartened, frustrated, overwhelmed women out there that do not see the light at the end of the tunnel or mistakenly believe there best years are behind them because they have a reached a certain age in this youth-obsessed world. We have MORE value as we age, and Adrian wants to empower women to live their b





Part two of this show features Anita Ross. Anita Ross is an author, speaker and life coach, on a mission to empower women to recognize their worth and love themselves fully. She knows firsthand the struggles that women face with gender discrimination, societal pressures and domestic violence. Anita has two self-help books, “Mean Time Love: A Woman’s Journey From Self-Loathe to Self-Love” and “Mean Time Love: So I’ve Got Self-Love, Now What?” Some of her clients include Susan G. Komen, Wieden + Kennedy, Stockton County Foster Education Program, California State Foster Parent Association, San Mateo Human Services Agency, Delta College, Solano College and Consumes River College. Anita earned a B.S. in Engineering from Stony Brook University and a M.S. in Engineering from the University of Michigan. She has held leadership, engineering and advisory positions with various Fortune 500 companies. All culminating in the rich experience she brings to her writing, talks, workshops and retreats.

Anita stands for unconditional self-love and total self-acceptance. It is the foundation for everything she teaches, and threaded through all topics, whether it be finances, intimate relationships, family, health, community, etc. What sets her apart from others is how she defines self-love as an ongoing process: To know, to love and to express your authentic self no matter what others think of you, what you’ve been through in the past or your current circumstances. All steps go hand in hand to comprise the full experience of self-love.

A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Renewing her Essence’ SHOWS


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