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WJ 18-08 Releasing The Pain – A Woman’s Journey of Pursuing Emotional Healing In Mid-Life

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins and her guest Nancy Wunder, on air from February 20TH

If you could go back through all the memories of things that have hurt you, that have caused feelings of abandonment, betrayal, shame, and unhappiness in order to heal, would you?   Would you be willing to do the work of going back to as far as you can remember in order to heal the emotional hurts of your past?

By the time we hit mid-life we have a lot of emotional baggage.  We have managed to push back a lot of hurtful memories and in some cases traumatic experiences.  Many of us have learned to keep living with emotional pain and in some cases physical pain.  At some point, we all come face to face with this kind of pain.  We either decide to do something about it or to keep living a life of suppressing our true feelings and emotions; never really healing.

Nancy Wunder decided to make the difficult choice to heal from the emotional pain of the past.  Nancy decided that the only way she could move forward in her life was to go back through some very painful and abusive moments in her life.  Through a series of age regression therapy, counselling, and several other holistic practices, Nancy Wunder actually did begin to heal emotionally and physically.   What she learned is extraordinary and the healing impact on her life is exceptional.

Nancy’s story will resonate with many of us.  We all tend to be the walking wounded, and in denial about some of the emotional pain, we carry with us.  In my interview with Nancy, she shares her poignant journey.  What she did, what she learned, how she healed, and how she is moving forward in a positive way to live in her human  “beingness”  and not just her human “doingness”.   A remarkable interview that is helpful and inspiring for anyone who wants to truly heal and live a more joyful life.




As a result of traumas of  Nancy Wunder’s childhood, she found at one point, her “survival skills”  learned during that time (mainly closing off to live with pride and rebellion) were interfering with her life. I had to learn a different way of “being”….which seems to be an on-going learning process. When I “begin to know that I don’t know….then I begin to know.” (Becoming teachable)

Nancy is the author of “You Can Make It and her main goal is to help others recover their “child of God-hood” and to move forward in life more present and focused on the good in the here and now.


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