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WH 16-06 Love is in the air… pt1

Wise Health

WISE HEALTH Airing Feb 9 – Feb 15, 2016

Join Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie on Wise Health for a 2 part series on how to spice up you love life.  In this series Suma and Bill will be sharing lots of very useful health, nutritional and lifestyle tips that will help you to rekindle your love life.  The shows will also provide you with many other very useful insights that will help you learn how to listen to your what your body is telling you it needs; so you can begin living a healthier, happier and more productive life today.

As we say here on Wise Health…

“An ounce of prevention will benefit your overall heath and happiness more than any million dollar medical treatment will ever be able to do for you!”


For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


About the Hosts…

To read Suma `The Snake Oil Woman` Nathan’s bio Click Here

To read Bill `Smok`n DAWG` Mackie’s bio Click Here


What’s on your mind?

If you have any questions, have a health topic you would like us to discuss on the show, or have an inspirational story you would like to share with our listeners. Let us know by competing and submitting the form below and we do our best to make it happen…




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“Music soothes the soul”

Music is one the the most therapeutic and healing natural medicines man has ever created. When you view and listen to this video think of  their lyrics as speaking to the relationship you have have with S-E-L-F. The Soul Enabled Life Force that is there guiding you on how to live life to become healthier and happier every day! This videos might provide the inspiration you need to star believing that you too have the natural ability to overcome any health obstacles life throws at you…..


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