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I HAVE MIXED EMOTIONS right now about our global vibrations.

I most certainly have mixed emotions right now and an overwhelming feeling of loss. I am trying to believe that humanity can rise above this and lift their vibrations into united harmony.

Am I delusional? If I thought that I could not go on, but I am disappointed in people choices. I am a fighter for human rights, a fighter for equality, dignity, freedom and kindness and love, yet I see hate won this time and it makes me feel sad, and shows me how much more work do we have to do.

I understand that so many voices are sick of the same old and we need change, but that change must be in loving harmony that includes all of humanity not just a few.

My spirit needs harmony, my soul divine loving connection, my heart fueled with loving purpose, my spirit belief that all that is possible. Yes, I am feel low right now, feeling sad that humanity is thinking so small. Yes, I am mad right now that people think it is ok to hurt another in any way because they are different. Why are we a human nation that loves to hate, to hurt and kill each other? Why are we a people who embraces the worst of self? Why are we a people who demeans another to make themselves feel better? Why are we so uncaring so unkind?

Have we not learnt yet that hate, loathing, hurting, demeaning, killing one another is only hurting ourselves?

Have we not learnt yet that dividing instead of uniting and not truly listening to each other only hurts us all as the whole?

Have we not learnt yet that no matter our colour, race, sex, gender, faith, age, economics we are all the same seeking a loving meaningful purposeful life?

All our discontent lies within us; all our pain and suffering is because we are not allowing our own inner peaceful purpose and self-love to thrive.  It is all within us, the answers, the healing, the tools, the love, but we must be willing to work at it in bringing it out, setting ourselves free, allowing us to be that divine wonderful purposeful spirit that we are.

It takes more energy to hate one another than to love, it takes more energy to hate our lives than it does to change it. While your running around blaming everyone else for your suffering you are avoiding the healing love that lays within?.

There is no quick fix, there is not downloadable app, there is no getting someone else to do it for you, we must do the work on ourselves for ourselves to heal, to serve our global community.

Harmony is the answer sung in unison for peace love and kindness. 

So, now in this time of confusion, disappointment and even despair, let us not lose sight that we are the answer we seek, we are the souls that can make things happen, it is up to us to make sure that humanity keeps rising up together in unity of community and does not get lost in the hate of the few.

So, I ask you to RISE UP to let your frequency of good vibrations run high and do not get pulled down to the level of discontent. Let your spirit fly and embrace what we can make possible, what we can do with a united front to make sure we are all EVERY COLOUR CREED GENDER FAITH AND RACE be included in the healing of our world.

I ask you to RISE UP IN LOVING PEACE and UNITE in LOVING KINDNESS and show all who is so despondent with life, that together we are the difference we seek, together we are the answers, together we are the healers, together we are a stronger nation in love, in peace, in unity, in collaboration is the  respect and dignity of all our wonderful differences.

So join me in raising our vibration and in showing all that choose hate that love it a more peaceful place to be.


By Sara Troy 


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