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We need to go from Sad Vibes to Glad Vibes

So many are speaking of sad vibrations right now, a lot of it is the shift of awakening into the heart and some of it is feeling the pain of global despair. This is tempory and not for us to get stuck in, but instead for feeding the Glad Vibes helps us step and soothing the hearts that are hurting.

As an empath, I feel way too much, it hits me right on my heart centre and automatically the sadness comes on. The challenge is to allow your self to go through the pain, feel it to release it, for avoiding it does not work.

I have lived a lot on my life in sadness, and sometimes it is because of what is going on and sometimes it is an aloneness that makes one feel sad. When I do my interviewS I am lifted, the knowingness of someone’s wisdom that is shared with the passion of kindness and love is more inspiring than you know.  I come off these interviews knowing that changes are being done, the shift is happening and we are, bit by bit making a difference in the lives of others. SO WHY DOES THE GLADNESS NOT SURVIVE LONG?

My spirit and soul know things are changing for the better, that the momentum is in play. My heart knows it too, but can not avoid the sadness that is in the world. So a dose of gladness is needed. When we can not shake those feelings that pull us down, we need to do something that lifts us up.

WHAT TO DO? you say, do happiness, do laughter, do a kindness, do something unselfish for another, all of these things will lift you up, for seeing a smile in joy, making a difference in another’s life, is so very rewarding and makes the heart happy.

It is the little things, respect, a smile, a Hello, an acknowledgement that we are alive. Kind words, soft voices, a helping hand, all and any of these will make you feel Gladness. We keep looking for some big and profound, where it is in the small things that really matter.


Such kind acts of love, joy, kindness make such a difference as it lifts one’s heart and shows us that there is a beautiful humanity within us when we choose to be it. HERE IS A TIP IN LIFTING UP YOUR HEART, SEE VIDEOS OF KIND ACTS LIKE SAVING AN ANIMAL, SHOWS KINDNESS TO OEN ANOTHER, DOING SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL FOR SOMEONE, YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING FOR IT.

Here are some joyful acts of kindness


So don’t be Sad be Glad for all the things you have and do something nice for someone else.

Sara Troy


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