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Ways That Help Me to Recharge My Life with Positivity

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

Life takes its toll on everybody. It comes to a point in our lives where everything stops making sense. Everything blanks out for the time being and just leaves you wondering that “Why Me.” Such a time came in my life too.

Those dark times I considered the worse years of my life, and sometimes I completely disregarded the existence of that period in my life. However, where this might have been the hurt inside me talking, now I cannot deny how it all changed and shaped me as a person. As I consciously chose that the trauma I have experienced is not going to define me and my decisions I make going forward, I noticed a shift of perspective.

My thought process and inner honesty became more apparent as I started this journey on becoming the person I am today. And now, when I look back, I feel like that changing point in my life solely came t teach me how to be more positive. As I started to replace my negative thought about what had transpired beyond my control, I learned to be more positive about life in general.

Positivity is what we all struggle with.

It is one of the virtues that are easier said than done because we can preach positivity to others but fail to see it when it comes to our own experiences. Recharging your own life with positivity is a challenge one must take.

Not only do you learn to deal with situations that evolve beyond your manipulation, but you become a better person at handling just basics of life as you embark on the journey of self-discovery.

How I Keep My Life Recharged With Positivity

As I list down how I keep my life recharged with positivity, I hope you can relate and seek help from this.

1. Dealing With Denial & Acceptance Of The Situation

The very initial fleeting feeling you go through after some tough time in life is of denial. You deny anything such has happened and continue to do it until finally, you give in. In human nature, as a general coping mechanism to minimize the hurt, we deny our emotions as far as to deny that anything has ever happened. However, to start a journey for moving on, you need to accept that yes, this has happened and ask yourself that now how do I get out of this situation.

2. Talking Myself Out Of The Dark Place

As you start accepting the situation, you deliberately begin questioning yourself. You doubt your emotions, feelings. You doubt if you will ever move on or would be able to forget. The answers to this stage lie in talking to yourself. I believe that talking to a friend would help only if you are willing for it to work. Otherwise, it will be just a waste of time and energy. You should invest that time talking to yourself and helping you get a grip on things.

3. Not Trying To Control Everything

After any trauma or negative experience, we become instinctively cautious to lot fall for another hurtful event again. Many people become rigid and build walls around them, not allowing anybody through to know any better. The problem here is that you are too hard on yourself. To resolve this and approach the situation with light in your heart, try not to control everything. Be open about the hurt. Let it be a lesson for you and not the bane of your existence.

4. Listening To Music, Podcasts, Documentaries

It is natural to find yourself relapsing back to negativity and harboring negative thoughts. But you can use external resources like music to help you stay positive. Music is scientifically known to make you feel good. So it can be a great way to keep up your spirits. In addition to music, there are now many motivational speakers and content creators as well that have an aura of positive vibes. Engaging with their content on cheap essay writing service UK can help you stay positive and distract yourself from going back to darkness.

5. Understanding Everything Happens For A Reason

As you are now on the right path, understanding that everything happens for a reason is the ultimate justification you can give to yourself. Even if you don’t believe in destiny or fate, just knowing that whatever that has transpired had the power to ruin you, but you have consciously decided to rise above it because you can is enough to motivate you. The critical point here is that positivity is not the same as being delusional. You accept the reality, and yet you understand that there is a more significant reason behind it than just to jeopardize your situation.

6. Finding Inspiration On Social Media

Where there might be many cons to the various social media platforms, they surely have made it easier for us to find inspiration. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have increased our access to positive content and people, that if we do want to, it can make a stark difference in our lives. From following positive people to connect with friends, and also you gain access to various art forms. Social media can be very helpful if used for the right purpose and correctly so.


As we tend to lose hope relatively quicker even on the least bit of disappointments, positivity instills confidence in us that things will change. It gives a complete 180 degree turn to our mindset as we change our perspective and find the good in times of distress without losing hope. Hopefully, you can also accept things for how they are and assist yourself in moving on. Sending positivity and light your way!

Author Bio

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Health Care Specialist at Dissertation Assistance, an excellent platform to buy dissertation UK. She is a single mother who has been working from home for quite some time now. She exclusively writes about her daily struggles as a working-mom on her blog.


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