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TSM18-10 Recovering from Narcissist Abuse PRT 3

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guests Anouska and Sarah Squires, on air from March 13th

In our first show in this series, we covered the Narcissist in a relationship, our second on Children of Narcissist parents. This time is how to recover from the abuse of a narcissist, Sociopath or Psychopath.

We feel that we will never recover from such emotional and crippling abuse, or how to escape from their clutches, but recovery and freedom can be found, you just need help along the way.

Anouska and Sarah will share their expertise on how to recover from a Narcissistic experience and gain our own empowerment back by embracing our self-worth and learning to love our selves unconditionally.




First, how do we identify, the tel-tale signs? Anouska shares the types here. 

We can even break it down further into classes. Taking the criteria for Narcissism from the DSM-IV, we can classify them as showing a tendency to exaggerate certain behaviours more than others. For instance, some will embellish their accomplishments, while others may be consumed with the concept of finding romantic love, and others might be more interested in behaving in duplicitous ways, conning and using others. Here is the list of behaviours, some of which tend to be more dominant than others.

Exaggerate their accomplishments

Obsessed with their uniqueness

Consumed with finding romantic love

Excessive entitlement behaviours

Devious and exploitative

Obsessed with fame and success

Believe they should get special treatment

Behave in a selfish and uncaring manner

Cannot relate to others feelings and desires

Behave in an envious or jealous manner

Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner

Excessively concerned with how they are perceived by others

Excessive need to have high-status friends or other status symbols to impress others.

Why type of narcissist do you/did you have in your life?


Sarah from The Nurturing Coach says

When I was experiencing narcissistic abuse and parental alienation, I wanted someone who understands and helped me to find myself again. I couldn’t find anyone with this expertise so, once I felt stronger, I decided to use my experience as a social worker and retrain as an NLP Practitioner.

I help victims of narcissistic parental abuse and parental alienation to deal with the trauma of their experience and give them the skills to protect their children from the ongoing abuse at the hands of their own parent.  As an ex-social worker, protecting children is at the heart of all that I do.  Whether that be adult children of narcissistic parents or parents trying to co-parent with a narcissist.




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