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TSM16/40 Get Into the Schools of Your Dreams

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Elizabeth Dankoski, aired from October 4th on.

Get Into the Schools of Your Dreams

Forget about perfection, find out what you love and create a unique project so you get into the school—and LIFE—of your dreams

Students face huge hurdles when it comes to getting into the college of their dreams. Top universities accept a small fraction of students who apply each year. As a result, many highly qualified students have turned away, and those who are accepted often face uncertain job prospects upon graduation, despite the astronomical costs of obtaining a college degree.


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Elizabeth Dankoski created The Dream School Project to help young people stand out and overcome the high-stress stakes of college admissions so they can increase their chances of acceptance at their top choice schools — and to empower them to build the life of their dreams. Her program is based on her 15 years of experience as an “educational catalyst” helping hundreds of students get into their top-choice schools.

Elizabeth discovered the reason some were accepted to the school were put on waiting lists and ended up settling for institutions that were not their first choice. The students who did get into their school of choice were those who had created unique projects, often reaching out to solve a problem or improve life in their communities. Elizabeth’s students include:

* A student working to go the Olympics as a referee for fencing

* A girl planning a 5K run to benefit epilepsy research in honour of her sister who is battling the disorder.

* An eighth-grader who loves hockey and conducting research, petitioning his town and raising money to build an ice-skating rink

* A boy whose family immigrated from India who is creating a website to raise awareness and funding for an orphanage there

* A student who wants to be a K-Pop star challenging herself to take her singing and dancing to the next level

“When our kids show what they care about most when they use their passion when they follow the path that lights them up — colleges will come running,” she says. “That’s what leadership really is: lighting other people up and illuminating the world with your unique gifts.”

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