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TSM16/36 Loving Dogs for Autism Support

Their Story Matters hosted by Sara Troy with guest Dean Audet airs from September 6th on. 


Dean’s life has gone to the dogs but he truly gets to make a difference in people’s lives one dog at a time. 

In dog years Dean Audet should be dead already! He grew up with many farming & ranching experiences and a love of dogs & horses. He learned about animals from many old cowboy heroes in his life. His fascination with dogs always had him playing with dogs, working with dogs and smelling like dogs. He very carefully watched how they functioned, how they were inter-dependant and how they communicated. He has been very fortunate on several occasions to observe wolves. It was during this time that the lights finally came on and the parallels were drawn. He has worked with many reputable trainers over the years that he has collected great knowledge and experience from. He later took university sociology and psychology classes which were also fascinating.

He has become the #1 Ranked Dog Psychology & Behaviour Modification Expert in Western Canada, travelling from Victoria to Winnipeg assisting people with dogs with behaviour issues.

It is this deep understanding of the Dog Psychology that has propelled him to train up many very balanced dogs over the years.

His definition of a “balanced” dog is basically bomb proof in any situation. His expectations of his dogs are calm and under control any where, with anyone, in any situation.

Government has similar expectations for a dog to pass the test to become a recognized service dog.

Dean is very proud of his wife who has been a Music Therapist for many years. She makes a huge difference in the world of the families that she works with, including children that have been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

The marriage of what the balanced dogs are capable of doing and the needs of people that require support dogs was a natural.

Ultimately these dogs are a social bridge. They are a comfort to the children and the parents.

He has tried many things but his life has gone to the dogs! Through his natural desire to help people and his passionate study of dogs, he now applies his own unique brand of “COWBOY LOGIC” and dog psychology to assist people with their dog’s behaviour issues. He has assisted 1000’s of families to solve their dog’s behaviour issues and lead a more happy, stress free, balanced life.



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Autism Support Dogs

*** These dogs can and have been used as support dogs for other areas as well ***

The Great Canadian Dog Academy has been training balanced dogs for many years.

The definition of a balanced dog is a very full definition. The dogs are basically expected to be bomb proof in all situations.

They are expected to be;

* Calm and under control

* Quiet and well behaved * Confident in their abilities * Nurturing as a companion * Discrete in public * House broken * Solid on recall, heel, sit & down in all and any situation * Confident walking on various surfaces and in all weather * Well mannered in crowds, other dogs & traffic * No barking, pulling on leash, never over excited or nervous * No jumping up on people or dogs, no aggression

His passion is travelling Western Canada assisting passionate dog owners with their dog’s behaviour issues. He is a natural teacher and his stories illustrate well the details of the dog’s language and how they think.

His dreams revolve around his amazing wife and their 4 children and their 6 dogs.

Dean AudetdEAN

Dog Psychology | Dog Behaviour | Dog Obedience Training | Puppy Training | Hunting Training. Serving British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

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