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TSM16/30 A Mother’s View of an Autistic Daughter’s Triumph

Their STORY MATTERS with Sara Troy and her guests Janet and Jenny  Walmsley airs July 26th-August 1st


I want to share Jenny’s life journey with Autism as she is living proof and a role model that these individuals are a huge asset and blessing to society and to us individually. There is still a stigma with Autism and the world needs to look at it  in a entirely different way. 

Jenny  was born in Yellowknife, but lived the majority of her life in Vernon, British Columbia. Jenny graduated Grade 12 with Honors and Scholarships and then moved right after High School to Vancouver to attend Vancouver Film School for Animation and is now a 2D Classical and 3D Digital Character Design Animator. Jenny recently just finished working on a film for Super Channel with her animation and about to start on another film. Jenny also published her novel of a Trilogy in May 2015 and right from pre order was an Amazon and Canadian Best Seller. She is currently working on the second novel for the Trilogy. Despite being diagnosed with very low functioning Autism at 3 years old, Jenny has blossomed and always remained focused on pursuing her dreams and is passionate in inspiring others to do the same. She has just turned 23 this month, 95 % out of her Autism and is living proof and a role model to show others that Autism is not a Death Sentence but a rich fulfilled Life Sentence.

Jenny’s animation.

Janet Walmsley

Janet Walmsley is a born and raised Manitoban, where she lived 20 years of her life and the who has also lived in Vernon, BC, Yellowknife, NWT and Germany. Janet was a Dental Assistant & Hygienist for 27 years and Head Marketer for a Canadian Company for 14 years.  She now lives in Vancouver, BC Canada and along with being a Mother to Jenny and her son Chris, Janet has an active professional career in acting, with her theater career spanning decades and been in Film, TV, Commercials, Voice Overs and much more, for the past 6 years. Recently Janet was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for a Comedy at the 6th Annual Indie Awards in Los Angles and was submitted for Leo Award nomination here in BC. In June of 2016, Janet was awarded the 2016 Unlimited Woman of Creativity in Victoria, BC. When Jenny was first diagnosed with Autism it has been Janet’s mission to support Jenny 110% and raise Autism awareness and bring out the positive of Autism and not the usual stigma with it. Janet has and does work tirelessly in every avenue to provide all the support and opportunities for her daughter and be her constant rock, her voice and sounding board. Even going out of Canada to research Autism, find more support and further her knowledge about caring for her daughter. Even though diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July of 2014, Janet published her own book, The Autistic Author and Animator, A Mother’s View of a Daughter’s Triumph, as Janet and Jenny wanted to publish their books at the same time and do book events and talks together. It is also a best seller and Jenny’s story is reaching out and touching the hearts of many people. Her story is not only to reach out to the Autistic community, but to everyone.



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Janet and Jenny are doing many book signing events with Meet & Greets, all forms of media, including TV, Radio, Newspapers , Podcasts, Blabs and more. As well as doing Keynote talks and speaking engagements to share Jenny’s life journey with Autism and shine a positive light, that dreams come true, goals can be reached and one can push through any type of barriers as Jenny did. Also they are both Official Spokespersons for ANCA/Naturally Autistic and The World of Autism Festivals held every year

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