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TSM16/08 Teachings from God: with Courtney Amundson

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Courtney Amundson airs February 23

She May Only be a Teenager, but the Wisdom She is Bringing Forth is for the Ages

Where most teenagers are worrying about wearing the right lip color, or following the right YouTube star, Courtney Amundson is only worried about whether the messages she is astonishingly being delivered from the Divine are reaching enough people. Because Courtney was a mere 16 when she began following in the footsteps of Esther Hicks, Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce and JZ Knight as an extraordinary powerful channeller.

Now, a ripened 20 and wise beyond her years, she is introducing to the world Teachings from God, Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within, a book of loving channelled wisdom brought forth to light mankind’s path in challenging times.

Courtney’s spiritual life began to awaken at the age of 12! Beginning to practice the ancient art of Qigong, she became aware that something was happening. She says “I started to experience more of myself. The meditations were so beautiful I found that’s all I wanted to do. I learned to move my own energy so that the channels in my body could remain open and flowing in a healthy way. I experienced my third eye opening.”

Her desire to know more welled within her and she committed to exploring this new path. In early 2012, she was guided to sit and meditate, and she immediately felt a natural and beautiful feeling “as if an angel was in my body, just pure golden light and a voice began to speak to me.” That’s when she began typing the words, as she described them “messages filled with a love bigger than anything I had ever experienced, a reverence for all of humanity and a wisdom that continues to expand me.”



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                         Teachings from God:

Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within

                              By Courtney Amundson

And now those messages are compiled in Teachings from God. In reading the words, the reader experiences an immersion in love, compassion, and encouragement. It’s as if you have your own heavenly cheerleading squad, heartening you, gentling nudging you in the direction of life-affirming choices. Through Courtney, the guides offer a perspective of one’s place in the cosmic landscape and how we can make the most of our time here on Earth while enhancing our eternal energetic footprint.

The book postulates a path to greater happiness, self-acceptance, understanding of ourselves and how we can make a difference by “sharing the truth, holding the love and sharing our magic.” The guides point the way toward getting into the natural flow and rhythm of life so that life becomes easier, more satisfying and more divinely guided. The book makes the reader remember our Oneness with all and encourages us to step fully into the awareness of living live as part of the greater whole.

The essence of Teachings from God is to uncover our true nature, the divine within, that once discovered will launch every person on a path of empowerment.  The teachings help seekers to find, discover, remember the limitless aspects of human capacity so that we can attain more freedom in our daily living.  Free from limiting beliefs that hold us back from our potential. Free to create outcomes that we dared not imagine previously. Free to live unencumbered, for those who dare to lift the veil.

Listen within to live out…..

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