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TSM 17-37 Why God is Love with Joyce Stewart

Thier Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Joyce Stewart, on air from September 12th

Joyce was raised in the Christian religion and was a firm believer in what she had been taught. However, all of that began to change when she became a psychotherapist and discovered that the evidenced based practices she had been taught, while great at managing symptoms, did little to cure the problems her clients came in with. Because she believed that God was a healing God, she knew that healing needed to come through spiritual means. She studied how Jesus healed and discovered he used the eastern based beliefs of transferring spiritual energy. Well, this went against everything she had been taught, that eastern based alternative new age healing came from the devil and was to be avoided. With initial fear and trepidation, Joyce ventured into this field and discovered a whole new world of healing and spirituality that resonated with her spirit but conflicted with the Christian beliefs. God challenged her one day to give up everything she believed and start over. This took Joyce on a fascinating journey of discovering how much of her beliefs about life, relationships, religion, healing and many other topics had been based in fear instead of love. Since God is love, anything based in fear could not come from God and had to be released. Today, Joyce uses the things she has learned to help her clients heal from their past and present issues so they can have loving connections with themselves, others and God.oyce is available to speak to groups about any of the subjects in either of her books.



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Joyce Stewart is a licensed clinical social worker and holistic health practitioner with a bachelors and master’s degree in social work. After years of working with children and families in the foster care system, Joyce decided to go into private practice and started Holistic Healing Consulting. She offers online and in person counselling to help people identify the root cause of their symptoms and then releases it through spiritual and energy based treatments so they can be free. Joyce has written two books: Interconnected by God, Healing for your Spirit, Soul and Body and God is Love, a Spiritual Journey from Fear to Love.

Joyce is available to speak to groups about any of the subjects in either of her books. You can contact her at:


Twitter :  holisticjoyce

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