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TSM 17-29a Cancer can be a “Passport to Life” with Annie Pool

Their Story Matters  with Sara Troy and her guest Annie Pool, on air from July 18th

Annie has overcome incredible odds in her lifetime. In 2013, she was diagnosed with incurable cancer, a crisis that would test her physically, emotionally and financially.

There is a tsunami of information out there about how to heal your physical body after a cancer diagnosis. But what if you could tap into the healing power of your mind to help overcome your health challenge?

Annie is a Passport To Life Coach who empowers cancer survivors to do just that – to write a new story after cancer so they can heal – body, mind and spirit.

Annie Pool faced her own battle with cancer when was about to realize a dream of hosting life-changing tours in Ireland for women. When the dream is finally so close she could almost taste it, her dreams collapsed into despair when she was shocked to hear the words, “You have incurable cancer.”

It was a life-changing moment for her.




Then and there, she decided that enough was enough.

Instead of caving into her fears, Annie decided to do something drastically different. She chose to tell herself a new, happy story about her life, and that she would find a way to heal the pain from her past. It turns out, she made a powerful shift.

During those months of recovery, Annie imagined that she was travelling on a life-changing trip to Italy and Ireland. She made herself believe this wonderful story by stepping into it each day with all the detail and emotion she could muster up.

Surprisingly, she was able to tap into the joy and lightness of living again. Within less than 6 months, Annie was 100% completely cancer FREE.

Her upcoming book, “Passport To Life – How I Overcame Incurable Cancer Through the Power of Travel,” tells how she tames the monster of cancer by transforming it into a wonderful adventure — all through the power of travel. It’s a story about healing that transcends conventional understanding and is scheduled for release on July 31/2017.

Annie now helps cancer survivors experience extraordinary breakthroughs by empowering them to close the chapter on pain from the past to write a new story after cancer.


“The most powerful answer to cancer lies within YOU.”




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