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TSM 17-25 From Questioning to Knowing with Lisa Barnett

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Lisa Barnett, on air from June 20th 

From Questioning to Knowing:

73 Prayers to Transform Your Life

By Lisa Barnett

The Guardians of the Akashic Records Offer Prayers Imbued With Source Energy To Quickly Transform Whatever is Holding You Back in Life 



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  CLICK HEREWhen Lisa Barnett wrote The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records, she knew that she had an instant success on her hands. Rocketing to a bestseller, it helped people to understand that there is a universal archive of our infinite soul’s journey through the millennia and the dimensions. Furthermore, it can be accessed to understand and help course-correct in this lifetime.

Barnett, the internationally renowned founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, has been teaching people how to connect with the Akashic Masters for many years. But she also spent 10 years as a prayer practitioner at the Golden Gate Center for Spiritual Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, guiding people to the right prayers to seek intervention for specific issues in their lives.

So, was it any surprise when the Akashic Beings of Light metaphorically tapped Barnett on the shoulder and asked her to bring forth a series of powerful, Source-imbued prayers that help people turn their lives around? Indeed they did! And that’s how From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life was born.

With a foreword from Jack Canfield, this book provides illumination for those seeking to end the pain, suffering, financial strain and the feeling of being trapped in their own lives – and to take a leap forward into a new state of being. Notes Canfield, “It’s no accident, but rather divine timing, that Lisa has written this book now when so many have unanswered questions. By simply reading a prayer, every page of his book can transform you effortlessly from where you are to where you feel loved and supported.

Here’s how the Akashic Beings of Light expressed it through Barnett: “When your readers chose to say a prayer, they are connecting to us…They will energetically access their soul’s library…receiving guidance from us as the divine messengers. We are here to guide and help humanity remember the truth of their infinite souls. We are here to support you in releasing old beliefs or karma stuck outside of time (from previous lives) blocking your progress or to understand more about your soul purposes and gifts.”

Barnett thus covers a great deal of territory in this book. Interlaced with explanations of how and why the information in the Akashic records can impact your life today, specific stories of how these prayers changed the lives of her clients, and how her own gift of inter-dimensional connection evolved out of her pain and searching, From Questioning to Knowing, provides the answers to the questions that–until now–have not been answerable-why you are stuck where you are and how to move forward, grow, expand and be happy.

The Akashic Masters offer prayers for Self-Trust, Heart-Opening, Fear, Strength, Courage, Forgiveness, Shame/Guilt, Judgement, Self-Love, Abundance/Financial Growth, Grief/Loss, Release of Unconscious Beliefs, Vibration Elevation, Creativity, Happiness, Life Balance, Grace, Peace and more. There are also prayers for Healing from Abuse, Dysfunctional Family Relationships, Physical Pain/Illness and one specifically for Cancer.

Along the way, Barnett addresses:

  1. How to release old karmic patterns and complete soul contracts with these messages of light

  2. The influence ancestral lineage may have on you

  3. The way to unblock chakras using prayer

  4. How these prayers are best used to resolve issues, clear blocks, heal emotional pain and resentments — and open space for the miraculous to arrive.

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