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TSM 17-17 MASCULINITY ANALYSIS: with Dr. Dathan Paterno

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Dathan Paterno, on air from April 25TH

CAN YOU FIND REAL MEN IN HIGH SCHOOLS?                                                                             CAN YOU FIND REAL MEN ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES?

We have a great guest who is appalled by these growing trends on our college campuses. Dr. Dathan Paterno, a practising clinical psychologist and leading author on the subject of the “Alpha Male”, can provide insight into the thought process behind this outrageous pandering to leftest ideals: MASCULINITY ANALYSIS: Dr. Dathan Paterno, is a Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director at Park Ridge Psychological Services in Illinois, and leading author of the book Desperately Seeking Parents.

We are wondering if you have seen any of these stories about liberal run universities’ attacks on both masculinity and century old traditions:

University of Wisconsin’s class of Male students to undergo ‘critical self- reflection of masculinity Millennials lack basic survival skills… Millennials most narcissistic generation ever…                                                                             SURVEY: Millenials Using Sex Before First Date As ‘Interview’…                                                               Wall St Millennials Living Fast and Hard… Take Meth, Compulsively Pay for Sex… First, it was the University of Wisconsin’s class for male students designed to teach them a “critical self- reflection of masculinity”, and now its sister school, the University of Minnesota, does away with the tradition of crowning a homecoming king and queen instead favouring “Gender Neutral Royals”.



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Dr. Paterno is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and founder and Clinical Director of Park Ridge Psychological Services, a successful private practice specializing in integrative and innovative treatments for children and families. He received his Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Chicago. He has authored three published works, including the Desperately Seeking Parents, his first parenting book to describe the need for parents to establish themselves as in charge. Dr. Paterno is currently working on his second book about Alpha parents and the need for fathers to initiate and lead in this critical role. Dr. Paterno is also the father of three successful children, all of whom would say that their father’s parenting philosophy has contributed to their healthy self-worth, inner strength, and independence.


   TWITTER: @DrDathanPaterno

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