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TSM 17-16 “Living My Illusion” with Joel Van der Molen

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Joel Van der Molen, on air from April 18th


Living My Illusion

Joel says “Like most people, I too have been a victim of living in an Instagram/Facebook world and have become very good at wearing masks to hide the pain. I take a selfie and say, look at me, I’m successful, my life is amazing and I have it all together, when inside I’m anxious, stressed, depressed and lonely.

In this interview with Sara Troy on SELF Discovery Radio , I share my journey working with the world renowned Life Coach and Human behaviour expert Tony J Selimi and how it ignited the idea to co-create the documentary series Living My Illusion.

It was not an easy thing to do, in fact, it was the hardest and most challenging thing to go through periods in my life where I had to address thoughts and feelings that deep down I was afraid to acknowledge.

Many people have grown up in a world where we suppress our truth and live our lives according to other people’s values and expectations, whether they are parents, society, culture or religion. I trust by sharing my personal story it becomes a lesson for millions of people to self-reflect, addresses their fears and awakens their true authentic being.

In today’s fast-paced, demanding, and the technologically driven world it is easy to move with the crowd and create our lives based on what everyone else is doing, and what we are told to do. We are programmed from birth about how the world is and what we have to do to fit in.

We learn to suppress our inner truth, voice, and heart desires in order to seek the approval from those we love, be accepted and feel worthy. It is this change in our way of thinking, feeling and behaving that brings us out of our natural state of inner balance, creates disease and drives the segregation we experience worldwide.

Recognising from a young age that something doesn’t feel right about his way of being, but unable to express it, Joel Van der Molen sought the help of Tony J. Selimi, the world renowned human behaviour and cognition expert known as The See-Through Coach to address the nagging feeling deep down which he could no longer ignore.”

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Joel is a serial entrepreneur, actor and speaker who grew up in South East England. He attended one of London’s most prestigious Drama School before following an entrepreneurial path that leads him to create and grow Vandercom into a successful Telecommunications & IT company.

Tony and Joel

Joel’s mission is to use his creative abilities to move people into action through making inspiring films and documentaries that are emotionally engaging, mind illuminating, and heart awakening.

Today we will be talking to him about a new documentary series titled Living My Illusion, created to help people ask questions about their own reality and not be afraid to honour their truth and trust their inner knowing. In part 1, Joel turns the camera on himself, looking at the decisions and choices he has made based on social conditioning, fulfilling other people’s values and expectations of him, and how his life coaching journey, with world renowned human behaviour & cognition expert, Tony J. Selimi, helped him to get beneath the surface of his own lies and live his truth without fear of what others may think of him.

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