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TSM 17-12 The Power of T.H.E. P.A.C.T. with Phyl Macomber

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Phyl Macomber, on air from March 21st. 

Since completing a fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Kennedy-Krieger Institute in 1988, Phyl Macomber has become an award-winning national speaker, author, inclusion specialist, and curriculum strategist. As President of Make A Difference, Inc., Phyl has consulted with and trained thousands of teaching staff and is a passionate catalyst for systems change in education.

Phyl was featured in the Common Threads Trilogy book series in 2015 as one of the top 100 empowering women from around the globe and has been a guest on several radio shows to discuss simplifying instruction for students of all abilities. In 2016, Phyl was appointed the first ambassador of the educational affairs organization, I AM L.E.E. (I AM Living Education Everyday), whose goal is to expand conversations on educational issues and challenges impacting families and communities. In 2017, Phyl was offered an Ambassadorship at Energime University to help support their mission in educating both children and adults around the world.



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Phyl has created a 4-step simple system for how to teach anything to anyone – in a way that students of any ability learn faster and deeper – and, teachers succeed in reaching and teaching ALL students while meeting the standards. Her research-based teaching strategies have been published in numerous articles featured in clinical publications in education since 2009 and are being successfully used across North America and in parts of Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. This systems-based instruction, called T.H.E. P.A.C.T., is outlined in Phyl’s first book, The Power of T.H.E. P.A.C.T., and is being referred to as “the simple, evidence-based solution for differentiated instruction and meaningful inclusion.”



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